The Elements of Abundance 5-Week Teleclass

Do you ever feel like you’re leading a double life?

Are you tired of your passion just being a hobby?

I can totally relate.

Mary Malinski, The Prosperity Priestess

Prosperity Priestess Mary Malinski

Hi, I’m Mary Malinski, the Prosperity Priestess, founder of Walks Within Mentoring and creator of the Elements of Abundance Program where I teach women healers and artists to stop leading a double life and start making more money doing what they LOVE to do!

I’ve been in that place where you are – working a job that takes up most of my days, coming home and writing and creating in the evenings and on weekends, and trying to fit my family and sleep in there somewhere as well.

Over the past several years, I’ve done a lot of research on how to turn my passion into my profession. I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours taking courses, reading books and listening to the latest audios and videos by experts in their fields.

Honestly, what they teach is no big secret. I’ve distilled what I’ve learned into a simple four-step process to help you move from the frantic double life you’re leading to the life you want to be living – using the natural world around you as your guide.

I know that sounds a little crazy. What can Mother Nature possibly have to teach me about making money?

Well, everything in nature does exactly what it is meant to do. You don’t see chickadees fishing for salmon because they are afraid they won’t find enough seeds to eat. Nor should you have to work at a job you don’t love just to make ends meet.

It’s not fancy yet – eventually there will be videos and supporting materials and recorded audios. But I don’t want to hold this information back any longer. I’m excited to share this knowledge with you, and help you get out of the rat race routine.

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I want to make this information accessible for you. You’ve suffered long enough. Which is why I’m offering the Elements of Abundance 5-week Teleclass for only $47. That’s less than $10 a week. And you’ll get to ask questions in a small, friendly group setting – I’m only taking 12 people for this course.

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Elements of AbundanceWhat are you waiting for? It’s time to start living what you love!

Here’s what people are saying about the course:

When I took this course I went from living in a motor home at the beginning of the course to living in a 3100 sq foot house with my own bathroom and a new ipad!!!!  Done Deal!!!

~Katana, CA

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Since the beginning of the year and the start of this program so much has happened. Some of it extremely personal but actually has a direct effect on my abundance. Filed for divorce and after much lets call it debating, was able to get my ex to agree and not just move off my property but out of state and he has already gained employment.

I also rectified the unreliable vehicle issue by using by tax return as a down payment on a good reliable vehicle. Yes I now have less cash flow due to a car payment but actually I was thrilled that I was able to get the loan. And now i have the opportunity to improve my credit.

So the best part and most profound tool in your class was the guided meditation in your first class. This really helped me pin point what it is that i want to do. And the final piece to that puzzle fell into place this week. I am returning to school to get a. Music Therapy degree. I am so thrilled about this last piece. I could go into more about how and why it’s amazing and so perfect but that could take awhile.

~Shannon, WA

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I loved every call, and what I’ve learned has carried over into every aspect of my life. It’s also helped me make some big decisions these past few weeks and given me the confidence that those decisions are Right For Me. I know with absolute certainty that, without the course, I would have chosen differently and kept myself trapped on the wrong path. I am so grateful to you and the other participants for coming into my life at just the right time.

Seriously, I’m just beginning to grasp the profound changes stemming from this course. The very first call planted a seed, the following calls nurtured it, and now darned if I don’t have a forest popping up around me. It’s humbling and inspiring and encouraging me that I’m moving in the right direction.

Thank you!!!

~Karen, CA

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  • Mary, you are literally answering my prayers. I was planning my new year and making vision boards and realizing “If this is to come to light, I have got to create more prosperity and abundance” …and then I found your class! I can’t wait to take it and get the principals going. Thank you!!

  • Such a wonderful perspective changer! I’m so excited that you are hosting another series!

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